Jamie Coulter ’87, P’21

Jamie Coulter ’87, P’21, Chair of the Alumni Executive.
Jamie Coulter ’87, P’21, Chair of the Alumni Executive, says his Crescent experience played a big role in his life – one that continues today with his son.
“Crescent challenged me to try harder and put more effort into everything I did,” says Coulter, who became a Crescent boy in Grade 5. “I learned self-discipline from my time at Crescent, a trait that helped me through my university studies as well as my career.”
Coulter says Crescent also spurred his love of physical activity.
“I joined the cross-country ski team in Middle School and stayed with it until graduation,” says Coulter. “For some reason, I also chose to play the cello. There were many winter days when I was lugging both my cello and my skis to school on the TTC.”
Coulter says he continues to enjoy skiing, as well as mountain biking and triathlons.
Coulter shares his love of active pursuits with his family. He met his wife, Yuri Ma, at Queen’s University; they celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary last year. They have a daughter, Alex, who is in Grade 11 at Greenwood College School, and their son, Owen, is in Grade 8 at Crescent.
Coulter got involved with the Alumni Executive in 2000. “I was looking for ways to reconnect with friends after having lived in B.C. for the previous seven years,” he says.
He participated in the 2001 Alumni Golf Tournament and then was part of the group of alumni in 2002 who created what is now known as the Pat Mills Family Class of ‘87 Bursary.
“I’m proud to report that it is the largest class fund at Crescent and has provided financial support to many great young men,” says Coulter.
Coulter is looking forward to the Class of 1987’s 30th anniversary reunion. He says Owen’s school functions often feel like mini-reunions, because many of his former classmates also have sons at Crescent now.
While Owen is following in his father’s footsteps at Crescent, Coulter says it’s important that he creates his own school experience. Owen is already doing that, says Coulter, by joining school teams that his dad never tried out for, like rugby.
“I hope Owen takes advantage of everything Crescent has to offer,” says Coulter.